Why is the Carabinieri calendar still important?

Writing and art: abilities capable in the same way of making us excited, reflect and travel in imaginary and unexpected worlds.

It is precisely this special narrative vein that the precious calendar of the Carabinieri 2020 weapon addresses, which sees an unprecedented and extraordinary collaboration between Margaret Mazzantini and Mimmo Paladino, a very famous exponent of the Italian “Transavanguardia”.

Having become a symbol of the Italian tradition (just think that the first edition dates back to 1928 and that the circulation for years has exceeded one million copies), already from the cover the almanac is presented as an object of value and prestige, not only from the point of chromatic, but also symbolic. Certainly the gold color, which winks at the Ravenna mosaics, embellishes and is of great impact, but it is also a clear reference to the Gold Medal for Military Valor delivered to the Flag of the Arm on 5th June 1920.

The themes of this year seem to be passion and dedication, values ​​that have been well represented by the two artists chosen for this year’s project, and which go hand in hand with the daily heroism with which the Carabinieri unfold their force on the national territory. The dreamlike paintings of Mimmo Paladino meet with Margaret Mazzantini’s impetuous and overwhelming writing, giving us a beautiful example of illustrated narrative, a collection of stories, aimed at underlining the social commitment with which the Carabinieri, every day, exercise their function.