“L’imperfetto” by Roberto Di Sante

We are in the realm of classic cuisine revisited, where maintaining the essence of traditional dishes while experimenting with unusual techniques and ingredients represents a fascinating challenge for Chefs Roberto Di Sante (owner of the restaurant) and Niccolò Bellini (trained at the Gualtiero Marchesi school).

The philosophy of the Locanda is based on respect for high-quality ingredients and the enhancement of traditional recipes through modern techniques.

As we begin our gastronomic journey, we focus on the appetizers where a new combination of flavors is explored without abandoning the historical roots of our cuisine. An example is the beef fillet tartare, slightly marinated with raspberry vinegar, arugula, and crispy pastry.

The contemporary touch makes it current, and in its modern version, we find on the menu, in the appetizers “The hen has laid the egg,” a dish whose ingredients we won’t reveal to not spoil the wonder and texture of the flavors that the palate will experience.

Moving to the first courses, the emblematic dish is the egg fettuccine creamed with alpine butter, aged Parmesan, dehydrated pink pepper, and sage. In this version, the dish maintains its characteristic creamy consistency with a surprising visual and aromatic touch.

The Parmesan cream indeed adds a depth of flavor without distorting its identity.

Chef Roberto’s ability to balance innovation and tradition is further demonstrated in his beef cheek dish. The slow-cooked stracotto achieves perfect tenderness.

This course respects the roots of the territory and, while offering a minimalist taste experience, emphasizes the quality of the ingredients and the precision of the cooking technique, leading the guest towards an exceptional balance of flavors.

Another distinctive dish is the Tomassini spaghettoni with roasted pumpkin cream, aged bacon, and pecorino, where the combination of consistency and flavors demonstrates the mastery of Roberto and Niccolò, leading us towards a true blend of tradition and modernity.

Our tasting journey of some courses from the broader offering ends with a deconstructed tiramisu, a refined reinterpretation of the classic Italian dessert.

The presentation is simple and elegant with a result that gives a defined texture and a depth of flavor.

At the Imperfect Inn, classic recipes are transformed into a contemporary experience that enchants and celebrates the richness of Italian cuisine.

The work of Roberto Di Sante and Niccolò Bellini pushes beyond the established boundary and advances the art of cooking, making it fascinating for the new generations of gourmets.

The chefs confirm with their skills that revisited classic cuisine is not just a trend, but an artistic journey destined to endure over time.