Art and jewels

When art and jewelry meet, a work of art born. The spirit of “In Lebole”, the second brand of the most famous “Lebole Jewels”, seems to embody this spirit.

The collaboration between METS, a cultural association that promotes the painters and sculptors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and In Lebole, started thanks to “Ottocento in collection, from the Macchiaioli to Segantini”, a lucky exhibition held in Novara by the 20 October 2018 to 24 February 2019. The company has, in fact, enriched the existing “The Circle” collection with themed earrings and necklaces, taking inspiration from the works on display. As you can read from the site, “the earrings of the The Circle collection are made with flat capsules printed on tinplate, mounted in gold galvanized brass and natural stones”: precious objects, but still accessible to all pockets, especially thanks at the online shop, from which you can take advantage of discounts.

Strengthened by the positive experience, the reality of Lebole and that of METS collaborated again, this time on the occasion of the exhibition “Divisionism – the revolution of light”, which will occupy the Castello Visconteo Sforzesco in Novara until next April 5.

The artists and works chosen for this initiative are additional, thus giving wide scope to the proposal offered by the collection; we talk about: Pelizza da Volpedo (“Landscape”), Segantini (“Snowy Landscape”, Previati (“Maternity”), Fornara (“Women”), Longoni (“Girl with cat”, “Girl” and “Woman at the window” ), Sottocornola (“Child with book”), Zandomeneghi (“Girl” and “Woman”), Toma (“Children” and “Woman at the door”), Boldini (“Woman in the garden”), Ranzoni (“Portrait of dog “), Bianchi (” Milan “) and De Nittis (” Poppy field “and” Outdoor scene “) and many others.