“Friends” celebrates 25th birthday

When the first episode of Friends was launched, there was one month left to my birth, yet I have always heard a lot about it, like something mythical, something inevitable in the cultural baggage of anyone who wants to look out for “real life”. It was perhaps this imposing aura to make me desist from approaching what I thought was just a TV series, or at least, I thought until last June, driven also by the fact that, with the arrival of Netflix, I was tired of feeling myself say: “Have you never looked at Friends? “. So I decided: exam session behind me, laptop on my legs and Netflix. I could not have made a better choice. Episode after episode, I started to get into the daily dynamic offered by the series, almost feeling like the seventh member of this sextet of friends. After finishing the series, and reviewing some of my favorite episodes, I can say that Friends is one of those series that takes you by the hand, makes you understand a bit like taking life, between joys and sorrows, loves and friendships , defeats and restart points. The strength then is to be blatantly real, without falling into idyllic and non-credible situations. Despite celebrating its 25th anniversary today (in fact, the first episode broadcasted on 22 September 1994), Friends is extraordinarily current, also thanks to the generalist imprint on which the various seasons take place. What I can say, after laughter and tears, is that I too have gone into the dark side, looking at you with a twisted air, and saying: “Have you ever seen Friends? “