Expo2020: Dubai’s gift to the world

The beginning of one of the most anticipated events of recent years is approaching: Expo 2020. Dubai, the beautiful futuristic city in the United Arab Emirates, will host pavilions from all over the world and will be a wonderful opportunity for companies to expand their business and the growth prospects of strategic sectors.
The theme of the event is indicative of the innovative scope of Expo 2020: “Connecting minds, creating the future”.
In recent years the United Arab Emirates have demonstrated their ability to intercept economic, financial and technological innovations with great anticipation. The event will be an opportunity to promote a vision of development based on the concepts of sharing and sustainability. The idea behind the entire Expo is that of a green future, in which accessibility to technological innovations can be guaranteed to everyone, always with a view to sustainable development.
During the Expo, ideas from all over the world will be collected and valued, so that the connection between distant cultures can favor the integration between visions of the future previously considered distant. The future will be at the center of the Expo, that future that becomes the fruit of dialogue and the sharing of ideas. In this perspective it is certain that Expo2020 will become a watershed event that will open the way to new ways to design the business of tomorrow, a more green, innovative and open business.
The United Arab Emirates then become the ideal stage for the event. The Arab country welcomes thousands of companies from all over the world, encouraging investments and showing great openness to technological innovations, becoming an example of the ideal country of the future.
It will be the Expo that will give space to taste, to the most futuristic architecture, to the innovations in the transport sector of tomorrow, it will enhance the agri-food and renewable energy sectors.
It will then be an opportunity for the millions of visitors expected to visit the splendid Emirate landscapes, discover the natural, cultural and architectural richness that makes the United Arab Emirates an increasingly sought after destination for world tourism.