“The Cactus” by Sarah Haywood

Mid-August has passed and September is almost upon us, which means that the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to your jobs. Whether you’re still on vacation or already behind your desks, I think I’ve found the right book for these last summer evenings.
I’m talking about “The Cactus”, by Sarah Haywood. Announced as the most awaited debut in England, the novel is about Susan Green, a forty-five-year-old British control freak, who at times recalls Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant.
Through the metaphor of the cactus, the protagonist tells herself: a cynical and pungent woman, who during the course of the book will discover an unpublished inner self, difficult to accept and elaborate. The writing is flat, as is the plot, where the setting is somewhat reminiscent of the TV series, making this book not too demanding, but perfect for freeing the mind.
Maybe it’s not one of those too deep texts, maybe it won’t be a book that will leave you too much, maybe it won’t make you think particularly, but, in case you recognized yourself as the protagonist, then it could be a good push to discover a “new me “.