Klingande: “The Album” is ready!

Klingande’s success has grown visibly. Scheduled for September, for the French producer “The Album” will not be only a record, but it will also be the first, with which the artist will try to impose himself definitively on the scene, which in last years has already abundantly appreciated. “The Album” is a return to the origins, for which the sounds already expressed in the most iconic and well-known track of the artist, “Jubel”, take on a central role. We find the same ideas, obviously revisited in the perspective of the creative process evolved in these years, in “By The River”, the track released today, with which Klingande wants to give us a starter of what we expect on September 27th.

It’s been almost six years since “Jubel” and two from “Pumped Up”: looking back, how did you change and how did your music evolve?

I changed a lot since then, I was very young and excited when I released “Jubel”. If you listen to the music I released since then I explored different sounds, instruments…I tested a lot of things, always staying in my love for melodies, big vocals and acoustic instruments. Now I think I’m more in connexion with who I am, what I want to do…that’s what “By The River” and all the songs which will follow will reflect. I’m coming back to my roots, with pop/folk influences, acoustic guitars and a happy vibe.

The Klingande style is well recognizable: what was the process that led you to create this?

I don’t really have a process, I think that’s because of me and what I want to do in my music. My pop inspirations, my love for melodies and great songs…The mix of all that I am is what made my style I guess.

How was to come from a sample (Jubel’s saxophone) and find yourself into world fame?

Looking back to what happened with a few years of experience, I think I can now say it was tough. I mean it was great and I cherish everything that happened in my life since Jubel, but it’s also a lot for a young man and artist to explode with his very first song, tour and travel so much…It was difficult after that for me to find my inspiration, to have real moments to produce and make my music. Now I’m more at peace with myself, I take care of myself, and I found the right balance in my life to make music, tour, and take all the pleasure I  can take from it.

You know, that of fame, especially after the tragic death of Avicii, has become a hot topic. How is it on tour? Do you suffer frantic rhythms too?

You know I think it would be bad to do any comparison to Avicii. Of course, I experienced this tough life of touring, travelling all the time, play at night, sleep at day.. Tour is a really hard rhythm of life, and at some point myself I had enough. But I understood that it’s a matter of preparation, it’s like sports or whatever, you need to be prepared when you go on tour, you have to go to the gym, take care of what you eat and be healthy. If you do it the right way and in the right conditions, you can come to a balance and feel good.

It’s not easy, but you like it: Therefore, do you prefer to produce or play?

This one is hard, I love to be at home or in the studio somewhere else, with people I like to work with and do music, write songs, jam…And I also love so much to play and share with people…I don’t want to choose, I need both!

“By The River” is the single you chose as an appetizer for your album, how was it born?

I went to Studio in London in April last year to start writing this album. We had 3 studios running with singer and songwriters in it, and I was going from one studio to another. “By The River” is I think one of the first song which was written that week, it was just a catchy idea at the time. I sent it to Jamie N Commons in LA, he liked it and a few days later he sent it back with his voice on it. He brought the song to the next level, to be honest, it was really exciting. Then I spent 2 weeks in Ibiza in September last year, to focus on the production and arrangements of the songs. We did this with my musicians and co-producers. And after finishing a few songs we decided that we had to start with “By The River”.

Why did you choose to call your album “The Album”? It’s an assumptive name, you’re so brave!

Ahah it’s simple, I didn’t want to give it a random name, or name it after a song not knowing if people would even like that song. I also thought that after years saying that I wanted to do an album, it would be fun to come back and say: “Ok, here is The Album”. It’s clear, simple…I like it!

I want to know everything about this album! I know it will be released in September…

This album will be in 2 parts, one part with all the songs I released since Jubel, adding one or two exclusives from the time I did Jubel, and one part with 10 exclusive new songs. I already told a lot before about the production process about this album, let’s keep some exclusive when the next songs will come out, but I hope you’ll be surprised! I can tell you that I really express myself in these songs, and I took some liberty in the production of some tracks.

Have you already thought about how the live will be? I know you like to take the band with you on the stage…

Yes of course, as you say I tour with my musicians all the time, the live will be close to what I experimented in New York at Playstation Theater in 2016 when I had 8 musicians on stage with me. But this year when I’ll go full live I’ll be able to play my whole album which is one of my deepest dreams. I like my shows to be a real party and I’ll bring all my team of musician with me!

What do you expect from this album?

Of course, I hope people will like and understand it, but I don’t want to have expectations before it’s released, I don’t want bad luck. 

Taken from soundwall.it